The website promotion process

We are regularly asked ... how does web site promotion work? Often by people who have no interest in technology at all, they just want to know how we can help their business. We show them this simple 6 stage plan ...


We look at your business

Before we can promote your web site, we need to understand your business. We use a number of methods to find out about you and your customers


We look at the way potential customers look for you

Effective web site promotion works just like any other kind of promotion. Here we carry out two essential tasks that every business will recognise ...

  1. Identify groups of people that want your products
  2. Identify and assess the competition so that you can work out how to rise above them.

After this we meet. We show you how people are searching for your products. We show you the competition so that you can work out how to beat them.


We design your web site and put it on the Internet

We work out the best structure for your web site and put it together. We will ensure that the site...

  1. Has separate pages that focus on products or groups of products. This will let you to talk to visitors effectively.
  2. Is set up for easy tracking. This will let us quickly work out which parts of the web site need improving to convert more visitors to customers.

The web site will be professionally designed and hosted with one of Europe's most reliable hosting companies. Promotion of a web site is pointless if the web site is always down or looks like it was designed by a 5 year old.


We attract potential customers to your web site

We put the relevant parts of your web site in front of the potential customers identified in stage 2 of our web site promotion plan. If all goes well, some of them buy from you.


We analyse the performance of your web site

We work out whether promotion of your web site is achieving anything (if it isn't ... what is the point?). Success is generally measured in sales volume or number of leads received from the web site.


We refine the promotion of your web site

Web site promotion is an iterative process. We take the results of stage 5 of our web site promotion plan and use them to improve the performance of your web site. Then we go back to stage 2.

No Hassle Plans

We can offer our web site promotion services through a number of no-hassle plans. They are designed to take care of all of the technical headaches of running a web site for you. Please contact us for further details.

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