Reserving your home on the internet

Your own domain name provides you with a web address that is relevant to your company (e.g. This gives you the following benefits ...

  • It is easy for your customers to say & remember.
  • It gives your web presence credibility. Would you be impressed if someone gave you the address of their web site a http://www.freeISP/yourbusiness?
  • This tells prospective clients that you do not take your online marketing efforts seriously.
  • It allows you to transparently switch between providers of web and email services if you see fit. Your web site and email addresses will not need to
    change if you switch providers. This is especially good news if you have exchanged links with other web sites.
  • It helps you to build brand recognition through your site. A simple, relevant and catchy domain name will stick in people's minds.

We can register pretty much any type of domain name, but we normally only do this as part of a wider service. Please contact us for more details.

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