How to attract new customers for less than the price of a postage stamp

It is a question every business asks. How do we attract new customers? How do we attract those new customers for a reasonable cost? And it really can cost less than a postage stamp to contact a potential new customer.

Businesses are commonly told how you can attract thousands of new customers using a web site. But in the vast majority of cases, businesses that have tried this have been hugely disappointed.

Thousands of web sites offer to send guaranteed traffic to your web site. Which is fine ... but one very small part of attracting new customers to your business using the Internet.

Web sites don't automatically attract new customers. We regularly see the same basic, avoidable mistakes made by experienced companies (including many web design companies) in their quest to attract new customers online. They include...

Trying to attract customers that do not exist

If you contact us, we can usually tell inside 5 minutes (yes ... 5 minutes!) whether there is a market for your product online.

Many companies miss this essential step, and build a web site that nobody will be interested in. Would you do this in the offline world? Of course not!

An additional bonus is that the research done here can sometimes uncover massive pools of new customers that your company might be able to attract by offering new products very closely related to your existing lines.

No tracking

The content on your web site is no different to your other sales and marketing materials ... it will not attract new customers immediately (unless you are very lucky)

You need to find out what works online. This involves analysing visitor activity, and working out what is stopping visitors becoming new customers. We can help you with this.

Each way of attracting new customers to your web site costs money. If you don't track which are the most efficient, you will almost certainly not be getting the best value for your advertising spend.

Your web site should be a valuable asset ... not a drain.

Contact us for more information about ways to get the best value out of your web site.

Using the wrong tactics to attract new customers

We have worked with a number of businesses. Some are looking for new customers internationally. Some only want to attract new customers within their local area.

Different tactics are applied in each case. And quite often, we can show local businesses a way of taking advantage of a wider market.

We always tailor our solutions to individual companies. Please contact us if you would like us to look at ways to attract new customers for your business.

We can offer ways to attract new customers through a number of no-hassle plans. They are designed to take care of all of the technical headaches of running and promoting a web site for you. Click here for pricing details ...

Less than the cost of a postage stamp?

And finally ... contacting potential new customers for less than the cost of a postage stamp? Read more about that here.

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